First let me say, Hello. I was just given a Job at work, that now I am to support 20ish mac in our office. I am not a Mac person, but I am open to learning about them. I have about 5 years professional experience in IT but about most of my 23 years on this earth have been tinkering with computers. (Given the fact I don't know a lot about mac's I will be leaning on this site and any others you guys recommend)

So onto the question!

We use a print server at our office (we will call it PRTSVR-01) but we also have a few printers that their own server (a PC connected to the printer/copier) we will call the trouble one PRTSVR-02. (The Macs are all Intel and running Parallels with Windows XP) The department that uses the Macs have two printers PRT-01 (managed by the Office Print Server) and PRT-02 (managed by its own print server).

If I install the printers in Windows, no problem, work fine. But in OSX (10.5) I can only install PRT-01. I can find PRTSVR-02 on the network, but it seems as if it times out while getting the printer list. If I try (APPLE KEY) + K and try and connect to smb\PRTSVR-02\ it only pulls up the "Shared Documents".

I know this can be done, as most of the Macs in the department can print to both printers. I just need some more things to find.

Again thank you guys very much. Look forward to exchanging ideas!