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Thread: Intermitant connection

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    Intermitant connection
    Hi all,

    I have been using my mac for a few months now and I really like it, however one problem that I've not been able to solve is my wireless network.

    The connection randomly drops out every 10 minutes or so. It still displays as full signal, but I am signed out of mac messenger and I can't access the internet.

    2 other computers (windows laptops) connect to this fine with no problems at all. A full signal is still displayed on the airport icon.The only way for me to remedy this is to turn off airport and turn it back on again.

    It's SO annoying and I've not been able to find a solution anywhere!

    I am using an iMac alu 20"


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    Couple of things to try:
    - make sure you've got all the latest updates for OS X
    - change the channel on the router

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    yeh totally agree, change the channel in the router settings - i had same problem, changed my wireless channel and hasnt dropped since - that was 2 years ago!

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    Since updating using software update it seems to be fixed, changing the wireless channel will be my 2nd port of call.

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