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    Airport Express
    I have been using Airport Express with the latest version of Tiger fine. I only use it as a means of streaming iTunes wirelessly to my amplifier to play music in the living room and it has been working fine.

    Yesterday I loaded Leopard and updates and now Airport is still showing as connected in the Network folder of System Preferences, but has disappeared from Airport Utilities and despite re-scanning 100s of times, it refuses to fine my Airport Express which is happily displaying a green light! I have only had the Express for 3 weeks or so and it seems too much of a coincidence that it would go wrong the second Leopard is installed.

    At the same time, I clicked yes to download the latest firmware for Airport Express. I can find absolutely no help from Apple. Has anyone here had similar experiences.

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    Well I switched from Widnows XP to lepard...Never had any problem...

    Anyways, u might just want to reboot yor computer as well as Airport Express & your wireless Router to which Airport is connected (wirelessly I believe). If this doesn't work..I believe you might have not allowed your airport express to be configured over the ethernet, meaning you can only access airport express when you are connected directly to the wireless network created by it or you can connect to it via ethernet cable to configure it. So try connecting to it via ethernet cable first.

    if above doesn't work then also try installing Airport Admin Utlity from the CD you got with your airport express & give it a try.

    If it works, there you go & if it doesn't..then I'd recommend that you should try resetting your airport express...

    To do this press & hold the reset button on airport express for abt 5 seconds until the green light turns into orange blinking light..

    once the orange light is blinkign plug out the airport express & leave it off for 30 seconds..Plug it back in & open "Airport Admin Utility" on your computer...

    It will find it as "Apple Base Station *******"...When u click on it your airport admin utility should come up with pop up saying this airport express has been reset, then u can select wither to load previous profile or load factory settings reconfigue it,..

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    Thanks for the prompt reply. Managed to configure via ethernet cable to the point where it says on the Airport Utility summary it is a wireless connection and iTunes recognises the device, plays music until the cable is disconnected!

    Done the re-set twice and I am now at my wit's end!
    iMac 20"
    Switched April 2007

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