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Thread: Drop box across a network

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    Drop box across a network
    Hi all.

    Let me start by outlining the hardware setup.

    We have a Mac Mini running 10.4 to which is attached a 1TB FireWire drive. We then have an Xserve running Leopard Server 10.5(.3).

    I have setup a sharepoint on the server named Work. Within this sharepoint, I am wanting to create an alias to the FireWire drive on the Mac Mini. The firewire drive needs to act as drop box.

    We currently have an alias setup to connect directly to the Mac Mini's HD, but space is fast running out, so I would like to start storing everything n the external HD.

    Please advise as to the steps I need to take to do this.

    Thanks in advance.


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    The drive should be attached to the Xserve.

    Since the drive is technically not a resource of the Xserve you'd have to rely on the mini to control permissions. You'd have better success moving the drive.

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