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    Kicked off Web constantly
    Recent problem cropped up on my iMac 600 (OS X 10.4.9). I get kicked off the Web constantly and must restart the computer to get back on.

    It generally seems to happen when I'm switching from one Web address to another or if a second window is trying to open. It tries to load but can't and eventually I get the "Cannot connect to server" message. Then I have to restart.

    I am using a cable modem hooked up through USB. Is it possible that the USB is too slow to handle the download information?

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    G'day and welcome to the Forums.

    Lot of adverse comment on speed of USB modems. Do a Google and see what you come up with. Here is oneL:-

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    USB Modem
    Thanks for the link. The only reason I'm using USB is because my Ethernet connection stopped working. I know the Ethernet port on my cable modem works because I have another computer hooked up to it and it's doing fine. Switching Ethernet cables didn't help my computer, so I'm not sure if something happened to my network settings or if my Ethernet port is going bad and, if that's the case, I'll be forced to use the USB for Internet until I get another computer because I'm sure not going to spring for a new motherboard.

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