My company uses a Watchguard Firebox X Edge wireless router at work, with the following settings:

Shared Key
WEP 64-bit Hex
Key Index #3

i enter everything correctly on my MBP running Leopard 10.5.3, and i cannot connect to the network. There is no place for me to select the key index #. I've contacted Apple Care and they tell me its an issue with my router. I was able to temporarily change the key index to #1 and i connected just fine. However since everyone else at my office and our other locations are already set up to connect with their P.C.s to key index # 3, and I didn't want to have to go around and reconfigure all the P.C.s, i had to change it back to #3.

So here is my question: Is there anyway to connect to my network on Index #3?