Hi folks,

I wonder if someone could shed some light on the following issue: The other day my wireless lan dsl router broke and so I had to connect to aol using direct connection from my computer through my dsl modem. I first tried it out with my girl-friends' windows PC (isn't that somehow strange, I mean she is using a windows PC and I am the Mac user?) and she could connect without problems. Now I wanted to connect my PB using the internal ethernet network card and Internet Connect.app. I set up my AOL access using the wizard and entered my username and password. The strange thing is that, when I try to connect I receive the error message that the authentication failed. Do I need to add something to my aol username like @aol.de or similar? It is probably not @aol.de, because I already tried that out.

By the way I'm writing this on my girlfriends the wind... PC, uuhn.