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    Question Networking from Macbook to older PowerMac?
    I'm attempting to network my Macbook Pro running 10.4.11 to my Powerpc 8500 running 8.6 and do it hardwired through an ethernet connection. I've gotten some responses on the Apple forum but want to see if I can get further assistance here. Both computers recognize the other but upon trying to connect (in either direction) either via Appletalk or TCP/IP, I get failure. It seems to me it should be possible but maybe there is something I'm overlooking which makes this impossible. And yes, there is probably some $40 sw out there that will accomplish this but let's work through all the cost-free options first. Any ideas? Suggestions? Thank you.

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    Are you using a crossover ethernet cable - a special ethernet cable for direct linking of 2 machines

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    Thank you! I knew I was overlooking something relatively simple. I had heard of a crossover cable before but forgot completely about that aspect of the process. Success achieved!! Thank you.

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