My G4 and G5 (both running Tiger) are networked via ethernet. This connection has always worked absolutely fine, until ... it suddenly didn't. Now, the G5 doesn't 'see' the G4 in NETWORK at all (though I can still ping it). The G4 does 'see' the G5, but when I try and mount one of its drives on the G4, Finder will freeze. When I relaunch Finder, AFP client will freeze ( which I can then force qit in Activity Monitor). Happens the same way, every time.

(At roughly the same time, I was suddenly unable to print form my G4 (USB, CANON Pixma) - I just get the message ERROR WHILE PRINTING. When I try to re-install the driver software from the CD, I get an error informing me that my PRINTER CAN'T BE ADDED...? I can't be sure whether the problems arose simultaneously, and I have no idea whether they are connected.)

Any suggestions about what might be going on would be greatly appreciated. I'm in the middle of a project, and having lost network connection complicates my backup routine no end...