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    Timecapsule won't back up...
    Okay, my time capsule wont back up.

    It says he disk image cannot be mounted.

    My console log says: 30/05/2008 23:35:37[28] Break on __THE_PROCESS_HAS_FORKED_AND_YOU_CANNOT_USE_THIS_C OREFOUNDATION_FUNCTIONALITY___YOU_MUST_EXEC__() to debug.

    Any suggestions as to how to fix it?

    I've had a wee read around... I store and run iTunes from my Capsule rather than my laptop...could this be the problem?


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    are you able to get to it from the finder without using time machine?

    10.5.3 update seems to fix a bunch of Tm/TC issues. Read more here.

    So if you havent updated ur Mac to 10.5.3, I suggest you do that first and try it.

    if you are able to access the TC from finder, copy the contents to ur Mac's HDD and erase the TC and start all over again. I did that once during the initial stages.
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    I just had the same thing happen to me after the 10.5.3 update. I wonder if the fix for Time Machine in 10.5.3 basically makes backups prior to it incompatible? I am wirelessly backing up my MacBook Pro as I type this. 60GB of 97GB so far after 10 hours or so. This was not even possible before the upgrade frankly. I had to use a direct connection to get the initial backup to work when I first got the Time Capsule.

    I still have to reset the Time Capsule every 24/48 hours to keep it visible. I mean the router functionality works, but none of the hard disk stuff works after a day or two. I hope a fix is forthcoming from Apple on this issue.

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    I updated the software and shortened the joy so I erased everything and started again and it seems to be working fine. I've put my itunes back on, ran it all a few times and it seems to be okay.. so maybe a combination of the new software and starting anew back up has done the trick...?

    However I never reset the capsule, maybe I should have done this too!

    Now I'm worried that this might happen again when I actually need to access the back up... it kinda removes my confidence in the product, which is the whole point in having it, is it not?

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