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    Remote connect to Mac from LCD TV

    I was wondering if there was a device that would let you remote connect to my mac computer upstairs from my LCD tv in the living room, ie. be able to see my mac and control it from LCD, is this only achieved by getting another computer i.e. mac mini, is there a cheaper option.

    I have been researching this a bit and can see you can stream media to the LCD using appleTV or a media centre or even a playstation3 with nullriver installed. I suppose the best is the playstation as it has blueray.

    Streaming media is fine, but what if I wanted to control the mac from downstairs, my mac also has eyetv for recording tv using a tuner, I'd want this content on the LCD and even control it from the living room.

    Thank you.

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    Your TV (LCD) is just a sort of monitor... You mentioned being able to "Stream media to the LCD" using apple TV. The truth is... nothing is streamed to the LCD.... the media is streamed to the AppleTv, or PS3, or MediaCenter, etc... then viewed on the LCD TV (like a monitor).

    In order to "control" your computer from your LCD, the computer would have to be hooked-up/plugged in to the LCD as a monitor... OR... you could attach another computer to the LCD, and Remote Desktop to the 1st computer within your home network.

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    Ok, thanks
    I realise you actually need something to connect to the LCD to stream to etc. I was wondering if it can only be done by connection another computer and remote connection or does apple TV or another media centre allow remote connect (access to applications) as well as streaming media data.


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