Hi Guys

I have an eMac running OSX 10.3.9 and an XP Laptop, which until recently shared a wireless network beautifully via a singe airport express. Recently we renovated, which meant my 14 year old moved to the other end of the house, requiring the purchase of 2 more airport expresses (54Mbps versions- all 3 airports are identical) to get a network connection that far away. I have set them up as shown in the manuals, on the Apple website and via lots of these forums so I'm pretty sure I've done that bit correctly. All the lights flash green and the laptop tells me I have an excellent connection to my home network (WEP2 enabled). However, my connection to the internet on the laptop is now so slow most of the time it is a waste of time. The speed upstairs on the eMac is still nice and fast, and here's the thing- when I take the laptop upstairs near the main basestation it works fine! As soon as I go back downstairs and try to get online via the relayed and remote stations it is deadly slow again despite being told I am connected and the strength is excellent. What have I done wrong??

Many thanks