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    Wireless question
    i need some input from the geniuses... my apt complex gives free wifi by our pool. my apt in located on the 2nd floor on the back side of the building across from the pool. i can see the network from my apt, but i can't connect to it. if i walk outside my door and about 5 feet closer to the pool, i can access the apts wifi, but when i come back in and close the door, it's gone. is there any way i can boost my macbook's airport to be able to use the wifi. i'm open to any software or hardware suggestions.

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    As you can see for yourself, WIFI can be limited by distance and physical obstacles. The best thing you could do is get an external antenna and set it up where it can pick up the signal. I've seen them with USB adapters so I know they exist. I think there are even external units that contain an external antenna with a built in WIFI receiver. I don't know if any of these run on OS-X, but I've seen them out there.

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