So, just switched over to a Mac (really liking it) and need to "consolidate" my hodge podge of routers/wifi setup around my house.

I'd like to use a Time Capsule as main router/wireless basse, then add Airport Express units at three different locations in the house to enable streaming of itunes to three different stereo systems in the house so music is same in all areas of house (poor man's way to set up in-wall stereo wiring!). Sound reasonable?

Then, I want to use the TC as a wireless access point for my Windows laptop (office still uses Windows so stuck with that for work).

I also plan to connect USB based printer to one of the Airport Express units for wireless printing from the Mac. Will my Windows PC be able to see that on the network when connected?

I will obviously use the TC as a backup (wired--it seems wireless backup is very slow and I do have 10/100 wiring between office and TC location).

One question on backups---can I configure my parents Mac to connect to my TC via the internet and backup files from their machine on my TC as well as my own from my local network? Just thought I would try and help them out as well in this process.

Thanks for any suggestions/advice!!