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Thread: View computers connected to network

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    View computers connected to network
    When I was at school I could view all the computers on the same network simply in the finder , just below devices (one of the added features in leopard). Now that I am at home, i can't see my PC and my sisters laptop, even though we are all connected to the same router. Any ideas of why this is? I am pretty sure you dont have to enable sharing on the other computers since most computers on the network at my school had sharing disabled but i could still see that they were connected to the network.

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    This is just a guess, but thinking maybe your Windows machines have the Firewall turned on and not set to allow File and Printer Sharing.

    All my Windows XP Pro systems show up on my Macs here and I have that enabled in the firewall on XP.

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    i have file and printer sharing allowed but it still doesnt show up. Thanks though

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    make sure u check ur finder prefrences to show the sahred computers in sidebar..Finder>Prefrences>Sidebar(Tab)>Make sure under the shared Bonjour & Coonnected Servers Options are checked.

    Make sure your windows machine's firewall has File Sharing Enabled.

    And if it should show up in leopard in a while.

    If it does not try to reboot all the computers..

    It should show up..still it doesn't then it might have something to do with your home network!!
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    Alright, thanks for the advice.

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    make sure all computers are in the same workgroup also

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