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Thread: Mac-Windows file sharing problem

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    Mac-Windows file sharing problem
    I recently set up a workgroup on my PC and added my iMac (running mac os 10.5) to it.

    This is a problem I am having on my PC. When I open the workgroup all the computers are listed correctly. When I open the iMac share I get a list of folders, including a 'shared' folder. However there is more than one shared folder listed. The contents of each folder is the same. You can see what I mean in this image:

    In 'File sharing' in mac sys prefs there is no folders listed to share so I am surprised anything appears when I open iMac in my workgroup.

    Could anyone advise on why this is and how to go about removing the extra folders that appear?


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    Any idea??


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    No one have a clue?

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    Have you tried just to delete them?

    I had a similar problem and that seemed to get rid of them. Try it and see if they reappear the next time.

    Could also try from the Mac side and change the permissions. (get info on folders)
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