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    How good is Airport Express
    I am a new MacBook Pro 17 owner. I have been using a Cisco Wireless (abg)that is located in a central area of the house, it is a good way away from the computer.

    Will the Airport Express with "n" located by my computer on the other side of the house give me as good if not better reception than the centrally located system I have now?

    How is the RF ability of the Airpot Express?

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    I just got an AirPort Express and am extremely happy. I've had two other Wireless 'n' access points (both Netgear) and the speeds/stability were crap compared to this AirPort. AirTunes is also very nice if you are interested in that =p

    This AirPort Express (which was about half the price of each of my previous access points) is better in every way from what I've seen so far.
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    Wel, mine will be here Friday. I am looking forward to the printer networking. On my 3rd day with my first MacPro and I am really impressed and that is saying alot for this old PC user!

    I am still very impressed with the 17" LED screen! The colors are the best I have seen in a long time. Godbye T61p ThinkPad, it is eBay for you!

    My ONLY complaint is the lack of tap to click via BootCamp/Vista!

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    i have been using airport express for a few months now and very happy. brilliant for the wireless speakers aka airtunes fantastic same sound quaity and what i like the most is the fact that the product is so small and compact which is ideal for me being at uni! have had about 6 computers and my ps3 going through it at once and it held up very very well!

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