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    Questions about my Linksys Wireless router
    Hi everyone, I had a couple quick questions about the wireless linksys router I just set up in my house. To start, during the set up process, I made a couple mistakes and tried a couple different wireless names. I now have the one I want, but the old names still show up as putting out a wireless signal that people can try and connect to. How would I get rid of these other wireless signals that I don't want coming from my router and only keep the one I use?

    My second question involves the renewal time on my WPA encryption key. It's set default for 3600 seconds. How big can I make the renewal number? And is there anyway to do away with the renewal time all together? The only reason I ask this, is because when I originally tried to set up WEP, it kept coming up with an error over and over and over again. The router worked fine when I left the security disabled, but that also allows my neighbors to piggy back off my connection. Finally I tried the WPA security and that works without any hassel, except for the key renewal thing. Thanks all, and sorry if that was confusing.

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    Model please?

    Your WPA renewal number should be fine where it is. Whats the problem you are having with it? Remember WPA is more stable and secure then wep

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