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Thread: Network Diagnostic

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    May 15, 2008
    Network Diagnostic
    Just bought my 1st Macbook (1st Mac in fact).
    Having one little problem with the wireless section.
    I did search the forum, but didn't find anything.
    Ok, here's the thing, everytime I start/reboot the Mac, the internet will not be able to connect automatically, I have to use the Network Diagnostic to get it to work. No biggy, 5-6 more clicks, but would like to solve this...

    All my other systems (windows xp) connects just fine. Even the blackberry having no trouble.
    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

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    Congrats on the great purchase!

    Just to clarfy: If you click on the airport icon in the menu bar:
    1. Does the network show up there?
    2. If so, what happens when you click on it?

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    The my network does show, but when I click on my own network to attempt to connect, I get a "connection time out"
    So, the only way to connect is through Safari's Network Diagnostic...

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    Same exact problem.
    Yes i have the same exact problem as you. I have not figured it out yet. When I run diagnostic it asks for the password and i enter it. then it tries to connect and says that it was not able to connect to network even tho it does connect to it. its weird. Please help.

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    I'd recommend reading the Wireless Networking FAQ. Even though it might not seem to be specific to your problems, the general guidelines outlined in that FAQ will resolve a number of issues, including the inability to automatically reconnect to a wireless network.
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