Yeah well I don't know where to put this becos i have a number of problems...

None of these problems have occurred from un plugging my router I just thought it would help (it didn't)

1) My internet (all browsers - Firefox, Safari, Opera) all quit "unexpectedly" when I go on certain pages. Only it's not unexpected because they do it on those specific pages all the time - eg. bebo, some myspace profiles, photobucket etc. Also it never used to do this and then it happened once and then it "spread" to other pages.

So I read some of your threads about stuff like that and something about disabling java and admittedly it does help on some of the pages but it is annoying to keep having to turn it off etc. also my browser has just taken to quitting when it **** well feels like it now. So if you can solve that then shoot.

2) iChat won't cam with most people yup I have also read some of your ichat threads and i followed a link tht told me how to think my IP from DHCP to manual or something. I didn't get it then i thought oh well if I just pull my router out and stick with cable maybe the IPs or whatever the guide said will stop eatng each other (it didn't work) I tried to change my IQ to manual (it didn't work in fact it told me off for losing my internet connection) I did even consider re doing my router but couldnt find the programme and also as i recall it took 5 hours to set up -_- It was a lovely linked guide btw though i don't know whose it was but i nearly understood it so it was very good.

3) Msn virus? I don't know my msn well it had a linky virus you know those links that pop up to your mates well i figured it's becos i typed my username and password into a link thing (stupid me) so i changed my pssword i think the links have gone but my msn quits A LOT. This is a recent thing.

So concludes my thingy please be gentle with me i'm not very computer literate when it comes to fixing stuff. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Also if you do have suggests lawl and say "you have to deactivate the _____" don't assume i know what it is or how to find and change it XD

If you need details i will provide.