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    Wireless music player with Time Capsule :advice sought

    I have recently purchased a 1tb Time Capsule which I use as the base station for my home wireless network with my Mac Book Pro, as well as a printer connected via the Time Capsule's USB port. All my music files in my iTunes library are stored on the Time Capsule.

    I would like to purchase a wireless music player that could directly access and play the music stored on my Time Capsule, without the need for Mac Book to be switched on. From the few wireless music players I have looked at, I get the impression (possibly false) that I would need the music player's client software installed on the Mac Book to serve the music to the player, which implies that the Mac Book needs to be switched on when the music player is in use (correct/false??)

    Can any one please give me some advice here? Is my understanding correct? Is there a simple way to configure my wireless network to allow a music player to play files directly from the Time Capsule or can you recommend a particular music player that would allow me to do this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Thanks but no thanks... my TV hardly ever gets switched on as it is. I'm really talking about a Squeezebox or something similar!

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