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    D-Link DIR-655 questions
    Hi -

    After reading recommendations for this router on mac-forums, I went ahead and got it over the airport extreme. Couple questions for those who have more experience with it:

    1. Wireless printing - I was hoping this would be enable through the USB port but I can't seem to get that setup. Any suggestions?

    2. Startup CD - this only ran in my PC laptop, not my Macbook Pro. It came with network management software that I was hoping to use from the Mac if possible. Has anyone been able to install this on their Mac?

    3. WPA Encryption - I enabled this on the d-link config page and chose to let it determine the pass key. It spit out a very long password that my Mac accepted and successfully connected wirelessly. I tried connecting my PC laptop wirelessly but it wouldn't allow me to enter the full password (I think it cuts off at 63 characters). Suggestions? Do I need to manually create a shorter password?

    Thanks for your time/input.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    2. Normally there will be an IP address for it, type that address into your web browser, there should be a web config program.

    3. If your PC is XP service pack 2, have you downloaded the WPA encryption patch? If not, it won't work.
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    1. The USB port is useless. You can't use it for wireless printing or external hard drive like you can with the Airport Extreme.

    2. Use the web configuration panel by typing in into a browser.

    3. Just make your own passkey. That way it'll be easier to remember in case you need to add any more machines or if you format and restore either of your machines and need to re-input the code.

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    Thanks all, appreciate the tips.

    1. I wonder why the USB is provided at all??
    2. I did the router config using the web IP process you mention alread. Just wondering if I could get that network magic software onto a Mac (came with the startup CD)
    3. will do.

    Thanks again

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