I am running a wireless home network using a cable modem, Airport Extreme 802.11n (Gigabit Ethernet) as a router (with an external HD connected to it that contains my iTunes folder) and two Airport Expresses to run Airtunes and a shared printer. A few days ago, we had a minor Internet connection issue and when I brought the modem back online, our network was screwy -- very slow or zero internet connectivity for the two macs and two Windows PCs on the network.

I was able to restore full Internet to the computers, but the two Expresses are still out. The Airport Utility recognizes them and displays the green light for both of them ... but the units themselves are both flashing amber lights (which I gather means they are unable to connect to the network). Moreover, the external HD, attached to the Extreme, is not recognized in the Airport Disk Utility, though I can see it in Shared Devices in the Finder window. I can copy files to the External HD and can see files and directories on the disk ... but iTunes is unable to access the music files for some reason. Whenever I open iTunes, I get the colour wheel for endless periods of time and I have to Force Quit.

All was working smooth like butter until this Internet crash a few days ago. I've tried doing a hard reset on one of the Expresses, a soft reset on the Extreme, made sure I've applied identical network settings, etc. Nothing has made any difference. Now pulling my hair out ... and that isn't working either!

I am running Leopard on both Macs and XP on the Windows boxes.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.