Ok, so i'm looking at purchasing a WD 2TB drive. It's the one at the very bottom. I know it says that it its formatted for windows, but wouldn't it still work for my mac?

My basic question is as follows:
I'm going to put this into RAID 0 so that I can keep all of my movies and things on there. My family isn't getting with my program so they still have windows machines. Will they still be able to access the drive? I'm going to attach my old 200GB drive to the MYBook and hopefully i can use that to do TimeMachine backups. So, mainly... will the windows machines be able to use the drive as well, and will I be able to use the old drive (in an external USB case already)?

And now that I think about it, my Linksys router has no usb ports, so I'm gonna need a usb to ethernet adapter.