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    can i upgrade my airport card?
    Hi there!

    I have a 3-year-old Powerbook G4. My landlord just installed highspeed internet access in the building. With his new MacBook he is getting almost 9,000 MBS !!

    I'm only getting 1,500. I think it's because I have an older airport card that is not "n" ?

    Question: Can i upgrade my airport card?


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    I haven't seen the new AirPort cards anywhere leaving me to believe it's not really card but more of a module built into the logic board.
    If there is a card, I would suspect it uses a different connection. The original AirPort card wouldn't fit in your PB because the connection is completely different.

    Maybe you can find a USB dongle with "N" support.

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    Another wireless alternative.
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    what about this:

    QuickerTek 802.11n Wireless PC Card @ $89.95

    what do you think?

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