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Thread: ?? My Mac can't access google from any browser with any ISP

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    ?? My Mac can't access google from any browser with any ISP
    I just got a mac and bumped into a problem I've never even heard of, let alone know how to deal with. I tried to go to gmail on firefox, and got a "site not found" message. Google was down too, so was blogger and all related services. So was Yahoo mail...but the rest of the internet seemed to work perfectly.

    I switched to Safari...same problem. I switched wireless networks, in case it had something to do with my connection....other sites fine, still no change. I turned off Peer Guardian, in case that was blocking it somehow. Still no change. Finally, I switched to windows in parallels, and google stuff works fine in here.

    Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Firefox's network settings say I'm connected normally, and at any rate, the problem is in Safari too. Is there any way I can really check OSX's connectivity? When I go to network settings I just get the standard routine about connections, which is beside the point.

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    wow thats strange. There is no one way to troubleshoot this issue and i cant think of anything. sorry. Did u do the usual thang? Clearing up cookies, temp internet files and stuff? were you able to use yahoo messenger, gchat?
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    Wait, it's okay now...I had turned off Peer Guardian, but apparently it had still been running in the background. I restarted it, unchecked "WebSpiders and Bots" in the block list, and now those sites are fine again.

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