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Thread: Is Alltel broadband compatible with Mac?

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    Is Alltel broadband compatible with Mac?
    I was sold a Motorola Razor by Alltel to use for broadband access via Bluetooth. It's been troublesome to say the least. Unfortunately I've spoken to nearly a dozen Alltel tech people over months, including a manager of a level 4 tech center. I've had different explanations for every tech or sales person I've spoken with. Some say it won't work, while others say it will. Some say it has to be tethered while some say Bluetooth should work fine. They've even replaced the phone once. I'd be happy with a straight forward and informed answer even if it isn't what I want to hear.

    Anyone have experience with this? Sometimes I can hold a connection for an hour or more, other times it'll connect for few seconds, then drop and that can go on for days.


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    I'd say you probably need to purchase the data kit and tether the computer to your phone. Bluetooth I don't think is going to be very stable for your surfing needs...
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    Data Kit
    Would that be a data kit for the phone? Where might I find such a thing? Alltel? On line?

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