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Thread: need help: can you make a mac a slave

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    need help: can you make a mac a slave
    Hi, I am making the switch from pc to mac. I planning on buying two macs in the very near future. I am going to get a g4 12" power book to use as a ultra portable, and a new macpro tower. I was wondering if there was a way to use the macpro as a slave for the powerbook to do all the program running, so when I can't be in the room with the pro I can still use its power elsewhere through the powerbook? Im not sure if thats an odd question, but it would suite my needs perfectly. Thank you for ur time and hopefully for your help!

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    If you mean access the RAM, hard drive, CPU then no. You can access the files via file sharing, etc. But you can not share/access the physical components of another machine to increase another.

    Unless you want to to use another computer to access the Internet, but that's another story...
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