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    MAC IBOOK G4 Questions
    Ok Im looking for some help but I cant provide lots of information and Ill explain why

    My girlfriend bought an iBook G4 about 4 years ago and since then shes never updated it as she really has no idea what she is doing and neither do I as Im a PC man, but its running pretty slow now. Ive tried to do a bit of research on the apple website for updates and drivers but I cant find anything thats helping.

    Her system is an IBook G4 with OS X and theres about all I know...

    Allllso her wifi signal is really poor, at best it gets about two bars on the airport. Any idea how to boost this or again if theres any driver you can point me too?

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!



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    Well I have no experience with panther, (that is what I assume you are running, since the series of Computer)

    but some universal tips:
    Is the CPU pegged?
    How much RAM is on board?
    How much room is left on the Hard drive?

    And has the internet always been this way?
    -Try moving the antenna, usually there is a "sweat spot" (on the router)
    -is the router b/g/n?
    -is the computer b/g?
    -how far away from the router are you, how many walls between he computer and router?
    -if you take the computer right next to the router, does the signal strength max out?

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