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    How Can You Network Or Lan A Mac And Pc? Or Can You?
    does anyone know how to lan or network a mac os x. is there a difference between lanning and networking? can i even do this? im actually trying to play warcraft with a buddy by hooking up our comps. i can do this right? thanx for your help guys!

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    There really isn't a difference in the terms (Lan / Networking). You simply hook the two machines up to the same switch or router and the machines should be able to see one another. I don't know WoW so I'm not sure if you actually establish a connection between two machines or not but in most other online games you can connect by specifying the IP address of the "server" machine in the "client" machine. One is the server, one is the client. Some games can discover each other on a local network without having to specify the IP address - just not sure if WoW can do that.
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    LAN = Local Area Network

    Both Mac based machines, Windows and Linux based use TCP/IP to communicate, so exchanging files, playing networkbased games, etc, should work fine.

    I have a mix of all on my LAN at home.

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