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    ADSL Routers Strange Problem?

    I currently own a DLINK Wireless ADSL Modem Router that I have had for ages but the Wireless part of this router is on its way out and keeps dropping connections, when this is working though it works well.

    With this old router being on its last legs I decided to buy a new one to replace it. I bought a Netgear and then subsequently a brand new DLINK.

    Neither of these two new routers seem to work correctly with m macs with OS 10.5.2 installed on both.

    I have tried to copy all the settings from the old router but still the two new routers wont work correctly.

    I can set them both up no problem at all and I can get an web connection but no pages load properly.

    Google always loads and I can always run a search but then when I click on a link the website in question will start to load and then the loading bar just hangs and the page fails to loads. Sometimes after while the page will load but more often than not the don't.

    Can any one think of any reason why this may be happening? I've been messing about with the new two routers all night and I still can't get them working, plug in the old one and bingo it works.

    Any ideas?

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    That can be typical of the DNS settings possibly being blank.

    On the D-Link, you can check the status page to find your Primary and Secondary DNS settings.

    If missing, or just want to try a change you can use OpenDNS settings.
    On the D-Link you get there by clicking on the Setup tab and then click on Manual Internet Connection Setup.

    And if you're having trouble getting on the internet - those DNS addresses are and
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    Sometimes there's an issue with double network address translation if your DSL modem is also doing routing functions. You can try searching the web for instructions about disabling these functions and allowing the router to do its task.

    I have also noted problems with some systems if the base IP of the router is identical to the modem (i.e so I usually set my router base IPs to

    I hate to think about all of that WiFi stuff that gets returned because it's so difficult to configure.

    --- CHAS

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