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    Apr 19, 2008
    Unhappy Virgin Broadband Wireless Problems
    Hello, thanks in advance to anyone who can offer some help.

    Have got a Macbook 10.4 and an ethernet connection to Virgin Media that works just fine. Recently wanted to upgrade to wireless so Virgin sent a netgear wireless router (54 Mbps WGR614) but I'm really struggling making any progress making it work.

    Airport seems to be aware of the Virgin Broadband signal but when I click on it it states it is a WPA- personal and then asks for a password. Have tried putting in all sorts of codes including the MAC number but to no avail.

    Another point of interest is that when I turn airport off and then on again it will pick up the Virgin Broadband signal very well for about 5 seconds before disappearing again.

    Again, I truly appreciate any insight that could be provided!

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum.

    Just a few thoughts:

    (1) Does the router already come with a password set?

    (2) Is it prompting you to enter a password of your own?

    (3) Will it allow you to choose another security standard?


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    Apr 19, 2008
    Thanks for the response. I'm no expert, but I think I can answer each of these.

    (1) Yes. There is a password on the bottom of the router
    (2) Not as far as I can tell. The Virgin Broadband signal is identified and when clicked on it asks for a password and accepts neither the password on the bottom of the router but it also doesn't recognise any other attempt of a password. Unless this needs to be set up elsewhere.
    (3) Again, it doesn't seem to. Security is WPA and I can't find an option to change it.

    Appreciate your interest, hope this helps in diagnosing this problem.

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    Texas, where else?
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    The WPA password is not the same as the router admin password.

    If this is a wireless network that was set up on the router when you got it, and not one that you set up; you should change it anyway.

    Have you opened the router manual for a walkthrough on setting up a wireless network?

    If you have and still can't figure it out, post back the model # of the Netgear router.
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    Apr 19, 2008
    the walk through instructions are for pc only no mac instructions. The Netgear model no is WGR614-6VGUKS. Any help appreciated.

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    Aug 01, 2008
    this is EXACTLY what keeps happening to me. I can't find a way around it, did you work it out/find the answer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by guidedbyboognis View Post
    the walk through instructions are for pc only no mac instructions. The Netgear model no is WGR614-6VGUKS. Any help appreciated.
    Apart from entering the routers IP address in Safari rather than Explorer the setup instructions should be indentical.

    Normally it's something like this:
    - connect to the router with an ethernet cable
    - enter the routers IP address in web browser (netgear normally use
    - enter the router username and password when prompted(netgear default to admin and password, if Virgin have changed these they should be on the docs that they sent to you)
    - you should now be logged into the router
    - click 'wireless settings' on the left side.
    - You should now see various details about the SSID, encryption settings etc.
    - change the WPA-PSK password/passcode/passphrase to something else.
    - click apply/submit etc at bottom of screen.
    - click logout once the changes have been applied.

    - disconnect the cable and try connecting via wi-fi. This time entering the password you just changed.

    Post back with details if this doesn't work.


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    Aug 18, 2008
    Hi I'm having the same problem... I've gone in to the routers settings, changed the passwords etc, but this still doesn't work! At the moment the IP address etc all have '0' in, should there be a number in these? Can anyone provide a screen shot of there setup to copy? Thanks in advance!!

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    Sep 14, 2008
    Wireless problems with virgin media
    I've just had exactly the same problem. I was told by Virgin that the NETGEAR router was incompatible with Mac, but as it was identical to the one I've been using for the last 3 years except for an ethernet rather than a telephone input, I didn't believe it. Their disk program only works with Microsoft.

    I fixed the problem by borrowing a Microsoft machine and running the disk. All the program does is set up a password - it also has a load of fancy graphics, adverts for Virgin, tries to make virginmedia your home page etc. etc., but as far as I can see the only useful thing it does is allow you to set up a password. Seems pretty pathetic for Virgin not to provide this simple facility for mac.

    After doing this the mac works fine, you have to type in the password correctly before the "OK" button comes live.

    You might be able to do this with a windows emulator on a mac, but I haven't tried it.

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    Jan 14, 2009
    I still can't believe how badly Virgin media support their Mac users, it's truly a disgrace. Anyway, no need to use a PC or an emulator of any kind. simply do the following:

    1) Connect to the Netgear modem (the wireless network called virgin broadband) using the password found on the under-nether, i think mine was "preinstall" .

    2) then using the Firefox web browser (NOT SAFARI) open a new window or Tab. A login interface will appear. Enter details found on the undernether of your netgear router. The browser window will then disappear and you should now be able the browse the internet with Safari.
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    3) to configure the router type into the www. field at the top of your browser (use only firefox to do this). again using the password details found on the undernether to access the admin page. I think I used the following: Username virgin | Password: password

    4) for info on how to configure your netgear more, take a look at the netgear website.
    Super G Wireless Routers & Gateways -

    Best of luck


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    Apr 16, 2007
    I ordered Virgin Broadband a week ago. I specifically told the sales advisor that I had a Mac and asked if this was ok since I wanted a wireless connection. 'Yes, no problem' I was told.

    Today i got it installed but could not connect wirelessly. After 45 mins on the phone to Virgin, 5 different advisors, I was told a) The Netgear router i was sent is not compatible with Mac. b) This is the only router they do. c) Virgin tech dept do not support Mac and c) I would have to buy another router.

    I now understand why the technician that installed it was very keen to depart before I tried to connect wirelessly. He also said it was not his job to do that bit.

    What a shower of p*ss.

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    Mar 28, 2009
    We sd organise a bloody protest, Virgin are hopeless. I have had exactly the same issues and experiences. I'm no newbie/mug and have ben online for 10 years a Mac user for 12 years and on NTL / Virgin for 6 years.

    I was sent a wireless router from Virgin, with no instructions or disc. To cut a long story short they now tell me they have no support for Mac users (thanks!). A guy in India did try to help to no avail, he said they don't get any training...

    I'm sure it's not that difficult. But I have now spent 4 hours on boards and still have no wireless.

    I am running 10.56 on a Imac, have a Virgin supplied Netgear WRG 614 router.

    I have been around the houses and got quite close to a connection I think, entered the mysterious preinstall passwords and all the other hyper-complicated stuff but still got no connection, maybe cos I used Safari?

    time for a LARGE glass of wine!

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    try this
    finally got it to work after 6 hours of frustration. the procedure below seemed to do the trick:

    In short you need to reboot the modem by unplugging it from the mains and
    plugging it back in while it is connected to the other device:

    Try these steps:
    1. Power off and disconnect everything; Mac, router/hub/and modem
    2. Connect all devices together via Ethernet cables; a cable from the modem
    to the hub/wireless router and one to the Mac
    3. Power on the modem;
    4. Wait 5 minutes;
    5. Power on the router/hub
    6. Wait 5 minutes;
    7. Power on the computer.

    good luck all!

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    Jun 09, 2009
    Easy install of Virgin Broadband on Mac
    Hi there,

    Thanks for all the help above - I've just had Virgin Fibre Optic Broadband installed and the CD-ROM (as the guys here mention) is not Mac compatible at all. Here's the steps I followed to get up and running quickly (cobbled from advice here mixed with years of messing about with this stuff!):

    • Turn off Broadband Modem
    • Connect Netgear Router to Broadband Modem using yellow ethernet cable supplied, placing cable in yellow port (one nearest aerial).
    • Plug Modem and Router into mains power but DO NOT SWITCH ON.
    • Switch mains power on for Modem. Wait until Power, Sync, Ready lights are on and stable (not flashing).
    • Switch on mains power to Router. Wait until Wireless (lollypop) and Internet (i) icons are lit green.

    • On your Mac, in your connections listed on your Airport find the Virgin Broadband wireless network and select to connect (Note you do NOT need to connect to the Router with a cable).
    • You are asked for WEP password - this is the WPA-PSK password on the bottom of the Router (mine was preinstall).
    • Open Firefox (NOT safari)
    • Type
    • Here you get a red screen where you can RESET the passwords and SSID (the network name). It is recommended you change this and MAKE A NOTE!
    • Also choose a new WPA-PSK (Wep) password - this is the one you will need to logon to your newly named wireless network.
    • When you click submit your current connection will disappear.
    • In your connections listed on your Airport find your newly named (SSID) wireless network and select to connect.
    • Enter the WPA-PSK password that you chose (which is your WEP key).
    • You should be connected.

    For other users they will need the network name (SSID) and WPA-PSK password / WEP key to access the wireless network.

    Good luck!

    Miss Lake

    p.s. This is with the G Router NOT the N router.

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    I have a Mac pc and just been told that I am actually able to receive virgin fibre optic broadband (big happy face) can’t wait to get it up signed up for it yesterday and am awaiting contact from them I only just realised from what you said about the cd from them doesn’t run on Macs :S but going to follow your way hopefully work
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