Thanks for reading here is my question. I currently have a Western Digital My Book 320 gig external HD. I am going to be donating my 320 to the in-laws and will be upgrading to a 1 TB drive. I am currently using a Air Port Extreme base station and using the usb connection for my 320 gig hd. I am trying to find a drive that will shut down after 10 minuers of non-use as my current one does. The problem is most of the My Books only power down "With the computer" which means that if they are plugged into the router it will not power down. The Studio edition does power-down after 10 minuets. The problem with that is that it is formatted for a MAC. I have a MacBook Pro as well as a Work based PC and my wifes PC all wireless. What will I need to do to use this Studio HD with all of these computers? WIll I need to re-format the HD and if so to what format?

I know this is probably a simple question for some of you. I just do not want a HD spinning all of the time when it is not needed.