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    Cannot auto-connect to Airport on TC
    This questions may have already been asked and answered. But I've searched hard and cannot find it.

    By way of background, I have only one computer: a MacBookPro2,2. I don't specifically remember - but it is old enough (about one year) that I think it has only a Wireless b/g networking card. Previously, I connected the MacBook to the internet wirelessly, using a Westell wireless b/g router that also functions as my DSL modem. I had no problems connecting to the internet, and my MacBook would log into my wireless network automatically on bootup. However, the connection would drop intermittently. I should also mention that I live in a NYC apartment. There are several wireless networks within range. So the airspace here is crowded. But my signal strength was always strong (3-4 bars).

    About a month ago, I bought a 1 TB Time Capsule (TC). I turned off wireless networking on the Westell (i.e., it now functions only as my DSL modem and an ethernet router), and connected the TC to it with an ethernet cable. I connected to Macbook to the TC with another ethernet cable, and proceeded to set up TC with the AirPort utility on my MacBook. I configured the TC to connect to the internet in bridge mood via the ethernet, and set up a NEW wireless network. Then I shut down my MacBook, disconnected the ethernet, and rebooted. I was able to manually connect to the new wireless network without any problem. Using the Networking control panel, I made sure that the new wireless network was on top of my list of my preferred networks, and I deleted the old network from that list.

    Everything works fine EXCEPT my MacBook will not log into the new wireless network automatically on bootup or after going to sleep. Instead, I get a window announcing that none of my preferred networks is available, and asking me to manually select a network. My network is always on the list and, when I select it, my MacBook connects without problem. I have five bars of signal, so signal strength isn't a problem. In fact, I don't have the intermittent drops that I had using the Westell router. So I want to keep using TC as my wireless router.

    This isn't a critical problem, since I can always connect manually. But it annoys the **** out of me. Anyone know a way to fix it?

    Using the Airport

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    Some had a similar problem here before and he/she himself posted the resolution but i am not able to find that thread now. However i stil remember that they deleted their keychain file and recreated a new one which fixed the issue. So you can give it a try too.

    Mac OS X: How to remove and recreate an inaccessible keychain
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