I am so excited, I cannot hardly stand the wait! Anyhoo....my hubby will be taking the Gateway PC to use at work and the IMAC will be our main network computer, here is my question(s)...

The only time I can get our children's Emachine running XP to access the internet is when I use the XP Network Wizard on our Gateway, which is currently our main computer. I have installed the Airport Utility on all computers (including Macbook) BUT, the Emachine XP cannot locate my Airport Extreme Base Station...just a bit concerned since the IMAC will be the main computer if we are totally screwed when it comes to our Emachine connecting wirelessly. Could it be because we have a USB-G Adapter on the Emachine and the signal is not strong enough to locate the AEBS?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

One last thing...I have Bonjour installed on all three computers but the main pc, emachine, nor macbook can connect with it despite having the printer USB plugged into the AESB and having run the Bonjour Wizard. I can have the two PC's work when the printer USB is directly plugged into the PC Tower (again, Windows Network Wizard)...have never been able to establish printing with my Macbook...even though I have Macbook set up to.

Thanks in advance!

***To clarify...the emachine is online but not using the AEBS but rather XP Network Wizard.

Cable modem is plugged into AESB. Ethernet is plugged into Gateway Tower...guessing the emachine is connecting via the ethernet connected to the tower.