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    AEBS Address different than one showing up at Shields Up!??
    Just wondering what that means? Could the IP address showing up (7 stealthed ports, not 113 and all the rest, including 113 are "closed") at GRC be one IP address for all users of the ISP or is that "my" personal internet number? Just curious because when I launch my Airport Utility, I have a completely different address showing...not even in the same neighborhood of numbers. Also, when I do a reverse IP search, it comes up as the main "Cox" address.

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    Am assuming you are behind a router or at least your DSL or cable modem?
    That is the address that will get scanned, not the address or your local machine.
    Your machine will have an address assigned to it by one of the above unless you are on dial-up.
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    Thanks Bobtomay!

    My cable modem is Arris and it is connected to my Airport Extreme Base Station.

    Curious...since shields up! does not know my address, would a hacker be able to find me? Sometimes when I send an email and opt to have a copy sent to myself, the address showing at Shields UP! is the one shown in my emails to another person.

    Just trying to enhance my knowledge a reason I love the Mac Forums!

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    *Moved thread to appropriate forum - Not just anything goes in Anything Goes*

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    OOPS! Sorry Machead, for posting in the wrong place.

    I have read so much online about people *failing* the Shields Up! after upgrading to Leopard and that I could not help but inquire to find out *why*. So basically, a home network is *stealthed* even if they *fail* the Shields Up! test so long as modem of ISP is the address showing and not their computer.

    Seems to me that Shields Up tends to cause a bit of unnecessary worry to those who do not understand how it works....which is why I am so glad to have had this clarified. :-)

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