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    pc & macbook internet access at the same time
    I have a pc which is connected to the internet via ADSL modem and I just bought a macbook with fi-wi and a airport express base station. How can I connect both with the internet? I can use the airport express base station with the ADSL modem for the macbook but then I disconnect the pc. How can I connect so I can have internet for both? thx

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    get something like this and then connect your modem to it. you can then run a network cable to your pc and also to your express. this will allow dhcp which will take your one internet connection and assign ip address to your pc and express.

    if you can afford it a gigabit switch would be better as far as speed goes. try that and see if it fast enough for you and if not you will want to get one that has gigabit speeds.

    just save your receipt and return it if it doesnt meet your needs.

    or you could just connect the modem directly to your express and get a wireless card for your pc and connect both of them wirelessly. you can get a nice wireless G card for your pc for less than $40.

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    Before I recently upgraded to a Belkin N1 Vision wireless router, I was using my vintage AirPort Base Station to network a G4 PowerBook, Mac mini, 2 PC laptops, and 2 PC desktops. Use the network pass-through for a wired connection to your PC and connect your MacBook via wireless through the AirPort Extreme. You should first configure your network settings through the MacBook before plugging in the PC. Good luck.

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