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    unshare the MBA from the local network?
    After setting up TC last nite, all of a sudden i noticed an extra device on the FInder's shared tab. Curiously i opened the share and found out that its my roomies macbook pro.

    My Question now is....I dont want my roomie to see my MBA in his Finder's Shared tab. What do i do to achieve this?

    Also i have a thinkpad with winxp from which i should be able to access my MBA.

    //Windows networking used to be a nightmare sometimes. I hope networking in MAC is not as convoluted as windoz.
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    If you can open the MacBook Pro that means that File Sharing has been enabled on the computer (your roommate's). The reason it is showing up is because AirPort is in use. The Time Capsule is your shared router meaning both Macs are using it. Disable all file sharing options in System Preferences - Sharing and activate your firewall. This means you Mac can be seen, but not accessed.

    If you want your ThinkPad to be able to access you Mac file sharing, but make sure your roommate doesn't know your password which will be needed in Windows.

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