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Thread: Netflix on Demand works - now a wireless question

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    Netflix on Demand works - now a wireless question
    I have been able to get Netflix Play on Demand to work on my iMac using VMWare Fusion (works great, actually..installed Win XP to run in Fusion and Netflix plays with no problems).

    Now I'd like to send the video and audio to a LCD in another room (prefer no wires, don't need 5.1 sound).

    Anyone have a suggestion on how to do that?

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    Not really an answer to your question, but wouldn't an AppleTV with iTunes movie rentals be an easier way to do this?

    Even if you get the audio and video in the other room, that will still involve you running back over to the iMac to pause /rewind etc.

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    Maybe, but Netflix is only $16 /month with unlimited USPS and on-demand movies (granted a limited selection of on-demand, though).

    I just don't want to pay $3-$4 to rent every time.

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    there are many devices out there to send video to another monitor with sound wirelessly. here is a cheap example. i have seen them up to $300 as well. not sure what the differences are in the pricing but my money says that none of them would be quality enough for me to enjoy a movie. i personally would find an old pc and install a good wireless card and video card and stream it to the pc then connect that to the tv. i only say pc because you can find one real cheap that would do this versus what you might have to spend on a mac.

    i have this exact setup on an old emachine at home. i use a wireless N router and a wireless N card in the emachine and you would think it was hard wired with the speedy transfer rates i get.

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