I share an apartment with 2 other kids. We use wireless internet, and it has been working fine until a couple weeks ago, when all of the sudden it stopped working. My airport shows that I am connected and it has full connectivity, but it doesn't go to any sites. the other two kids, who have PC's, are having no problems.

After facing this problem, i chose to just plug in an ethernet cable into the wall. that was working great until a couple days ago it stopped working. once again, my roommates are doing fine. i dont know why it is not working.

I have renewed my DHCP lease, unplugged everything and let it sit, checked and rechecked passwords, and still nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas. My wireless works great at school and other places...its just here i am having trouble.

once again, i especially don't understand why it says I am connected but then i can't go anywhere on the internet.