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Thread: Airport Express on Existing Wireless Network (HELP!!)

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    May 14, 2008
    Anyone? Is it possible the power outage broke it?

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    Nov 02, 2011
    Hail Google.

    Now, I don't know if this will help, but I found that the default CHANNEL for the Airport device is 10. I tried many things to get the connection to stop failing on restart, and this tweak seems to have cracked it for me.

    I checked my router, and it runs on Ch 1 (2.412Ghz). In order for me to change the Airport, I had to select WDS and configure the channel there before going back and doing the Join a Network option (as I don't want Airport to be a WDS). Voila!

    Now, power surge or no, perhaps the channel was messed with when the router reset? I'd be checking and re-checking everything from security settings and passwords - the lot on the router and what airport has. Hope it helps.

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    Nov 05, 2011
    Power source affects the AE stability
    Man, I've been wrestling with my AE for over 2 years. Happy at some point and so frustrated at others.

    After trying absolutely everything I found that (at least for now) there is a real factor of which power outlet i use. I live in an older apartment and after switching the power to the other side of the apartment (different fuse, more modern cables) it works absolutely fine.

    However when I plug in another device next to the lead that has the AE -a modem for example it drops out again. Restart fixes it.

    Best to try a different plug and i guess shift your whole HiFi setup to suit the AE ;J

    It's the only consistent fix I can find.

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    Talking Connecting Airport Extreme to an existing wireless network
    Hi There Guys,

    it's good that this thread is still active for this long ... I hope it would help me as it .. helped you ...

    I wish I could put this in short and as clear as possible to confuse anyone and to get the perfect answer ...

    I've been using Mac Power PC G5 since 2004 ... with the following conf.

    Processor Speed: 2 GHz
    Number Of CPUs: 2
    L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
    Memory: 4.5 GB

    It's been always connected to the internet through an Ethernet connection since it doesn't has an express card installed in it although that it has the antenna shipped with it in the box since I got it ...

    Recently I changed my router to a wireless router supplied by my internet service provider ... and I've faced problems getting the signal where I have my computer so I've shifted it to the hall and connected it to the Airport Base station then to my computer through the ethernet as a quick solution since the wire the connect the main router was embedded in the wall and it was short and doesn't reach my MAC ... and it worked fine and like charm ,,,,

    Now I need to shift the computer from it's location and here comes the challenge ,,, as I can't continue to supply the Airport Base Station Extreme with an ethernet connection so it will keep feeding my MAC using Ethernet too ... what I want to do is having it connected wirelessly connect to my main router and then continue providing my MAC through Ethernet connection ....
    since the new location has no walls surrounding the computer and no other electrical outlets to have the wire run through ...

    So I guess I wasn't short as I should be ... but again in short
    1.Can I get the Airport Extreme Base Station connect wirelessly to a non Apple wireless router?
    2.then my second question is, what it better to buy an express card to my computer since I already have the antenna and my main router in already wireless .. or buy and Airport Express Card that I can also later on connect to my speakers to stream music and to connect a Hard-drive too and also connect my other devices ... the iPad and the iphone and speakers?
    3.and finally (just correct me on this or confirm it) is that Airport Express can connect Wirelessly to the main router I've got already .. (regardless of any of the procedures you guys tried each according to his case, but still do I have to know any specific information that might not let this happen incase I'm going to choose this solution and buy an Airport Express)

    I know it is too long .. but consider it MAC 101 (connectivity for dummies)

    Thanks for help in Advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moe_Syzlak View Post
    We had power outage today that reset my Linksys wireless router. I reprogrammed it and set a new name and WPA password. I have two Airport Express running in my house. I plugged the first one in and connected via Ethernet and it worked just fine but no matter what I do(including everything in this thread), I can't get the second one to be found doing the exact same thing. I have tried the hard reset but still get a blinking amber and it doesn't show up in the Airport Utility. Any ideas? It was working fine before the power outage.
    Copy the first one exactly then disconnect the first one and hook the second one up if you still cannot connect then I suspect it took a hit when the power outage happened. I use whole house surge protection and surge/batt backup
    on my computers and Hi-Fi for that very reason.

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    Having your Airport join the existing network wirelessly should not be a problem. I have done it with a Time Capsule and it is not that difficult to set up.

    You would need to use the Airport Utility and perform. A manual setup. In one of the tabs, don't remember which at the moment, there is an option for the type of network to be created. One of the options is to extend an existing network wirelessly. You will need to know the name of the network, type of security, and password.

    There is one caveat that may not apply to your situation. Some Airport models disable the wired ethernet ports when you use them to join and extend an existing wireless network. I am not sure if this applies to all models. If you can provide your model number perhaps I can find a more specific answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveimnot View Post
    I had that exact same problem, word for word. I thought about taking it back but I tried the factory reset - depress reset button while plugging it in, hold reset until the light starts flashing fast, release reset button then press reset button again and hold for 30 seconds. After that my router was able to see the AX and then all was good!
    Just tried this - had the same problem as the original poster and it worked like a charm. Easy enough to do and it worked! Thanks

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    Thumbs up You can tell Santa (or your spouse) that you have been GOOD!
    SPSherm and Mike-the-banker, please tell Santa that someone is very gratefull and can vouch that you have been very GOOD this year!

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    Factory Reset FTW
    Quote Originally Posted by Daveimnot View Post
    I had that exact same problem, word for word. I thought about taking it back but I tried the factory reset - depress reset button while plugging it in, hold reset until the light starts flashing fast, release reset button then press reset button again and hold for 30 seconds. After that my router was able to see the AX and then all was good!
    This is the one that worked for me.

    I installed a new wireless router (Belkin N) and my AirPort Express turned yellow and my AirPort Utility couldn't find it.

    Factory reset, and voila, set it up again in 30 seconds.


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    i have been struggling with my express for years now - I thought something must be wrong with it but I thought I would give it one last go today. I followed what SPSherm said and everything worked perfectly! Getting rid of the security solved everything

    However! When I updated my AX with WPA security password, then my Telus Gigaset se567 router to WPA-PSK and the same password, the AX failed to restart.

    Is there a type of security that works better with the AX? I've spent a few hours today and need to stop trying for a while and maybe I'll take a crack at it tomorrow (getting too frustrated at the moment) but does anyone have any advice for me?

    I am just trying to connect the AX to my Gigaset router so I can play music off airplay speakers.

    Thanks so much!

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