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    MacBook Connection Problem.
    Here's the deal, my Macbook connects to my network, but has no internet connection. Signal strength is 3-4 bars, so signal strength is not the issue. Other "Window's" machines connected to the network works flawless. What I don't understand is that it worked before, all of a sudden it stopped. I noticed it acting up few weeks ago, and I had this labtop since September. Not sure what is really wrong with it, WEP password is properly inputted. Network accepts the password entered into the Macbook, so shouldn't it be working now? Wrong, nothing appears when you open up Firefox, even if you try searching Hope someone on this forum can help me out. If this has been asked before, I'm deeply sorry to repeat what was previously asked a few times most likely.

    My router: WRT350n - DD-WRT350n v24 STD (Firmware installed few weeks ago I believe).

    Thank you in advance.

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    I am having this same problem while I am on my college campus. When I get home to my apartment, I have no problem with the internet. I have a feeling it might be the computer and not the internet connection due to the fact everyone around me, PCs and Macs, aren't having problems with the connection.

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    Who provides your internet? My Macbook wouldn't connect to the net until I'd installed the software from the ISP, though it connects to the network fine.

    Have you tried the usual things like connecting your macbook to the network and then resetting just the cable modem?

    And ramptrick - to use the internet at my uni I had to go down to the IT department and have my MAC address registered to enable me to get online. I could get on the network but not the internet. Does your college have a similar system?

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    I haven't had problems until recently though and this problem at school apparently has gotten worse since I have tried connecting via ethernet and I am encountering the same issues

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    Mar 18, 2008
    I am having the same issue as you all . My mac works fine at my home and when I go to a friends house , I connect to his D link router and the wireless connection shows as it is good , but cannot connect to the internet . If I connect with the ethernet wire , the internet works . But not with the wireless..

    Anyone has any Idea why???????

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    Tech Services at my university says this is a widespread problem with certain generations of macbooks. It will see the wireless network for a few seconds and it will be dropped - no hope of connecting to the internet. Apparently the problem cropped up when a software update for Tiger was issued. (that's when it started happening for me) It continues on if Leopard is installed. My connection works fine at home and my other laptop - a powerbook - works fine everywhere - it's just the macbook. I've heard many times that Apple customer service is not acknowledging the problem - but I haven't called them yet myself - so that might not be accurate. All the macbooks users at school are freaking out. This is so frustrating!

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    I hope I can make myself clear as I am not very good at computing. I had the same problem with a guest who came to our house and could not connect to our wireless network despite having been given the name (it is a closed network) and password. She uses Leopard whilst all our family members are still on Tiger. What I found out is that our router (Netgear) has a firewall built-in, which conflicts with the firewall provided by Leopard. Go to Systems Preferences, (Personal) Security, Firewall and click on 'allow all incoming connections'. This did the trick for her. I assume however that when she goes home, she should click back on 'set access for specific services', to be on the safe side.

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