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    Suspected Wireless Interference
    I go to the University of Alabama, and they have a public wireless network that you have to put in you student id to connect (it's sort of like a forced homepage), and after you do it once, you may browse the internet. Well, recently, I have noticed that there is no wireless signal from that SSID. I find it odd because i can see the network name if i click the wireless icon in the menu-bar, but i cannot connect. It seems to be only in that building, because i can go out of it (literally, 6 ft) and into it's foyer and have full strength signal. What makes this even more strange is that I have a windows buddy that was sitting right next to me when I was experiencing this, and he had full strength signal...

    I'm running a 2.16 BlackBook with 10.5.2 (it's the GMA 950 board)

    What could be the cause of this?
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    AirGrab does not help in any way to remove interference.

    It merely shows the available networks and the strength and noise levels of those networks.

    However, after some testing ...
    While it has a box to indicate the encryption of the networks - it is non-functioning. Of the 6 networks available here - all of which have encryption from WEP to WPA to WPA2 - it indicates that none of them are encrypted.

    It also has a box indicating whether you are connected to the Network you have selected. This does not function either, as I moved back and forth from 3 of these networks and never indicated that I was connected to one of them.

    Therefore, what other information is not valid that I can't easily verify. Cannot recommend this piece of software at this time.
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