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    old airport card just installed - can't connect to router
    hi folks.

    i've just installed an old airport card in my g4(dual), which the machine recognizes..

    what i can't do is pull the plug on the ethernet cable in order to go wireless... no amount of fiddling and faffing with the airport nor the vpn settings(should i be faffing with the vpn settings?) seems to help..

    i'm being asked for a WEP password, (which i don't think i even have), and the network name, (i've used the router's IP address)..

    still no joy.

    i either get an error message or at best with the vpn it stays 'connecting' without actually making contact.

    the router is a belkin 54g - model f5d7630-4a... if anyone has any suggestions or a web link i can look at, please let me know..


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    ah.. the irony isn't lost..

    but there's that little wire you have to plug into the card before you go wireless.


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    Yes, it's the antenna wire....

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