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    External Hard Drive / Airport Extreme Issues
    I see I am not alone in experiencing issues installing an external HD to Airport Extreme. The drive is a LaCie. I connected directly to my iMac and set up Time Machine and successfully backed up. I then connected via Airport Extreme. The Airport Utility reports that the drive is there, but it does not show up as a working drive anywhere else. Any suggestions?

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    I think you need to reformat the drive and start again and do the TimeMachine backup all over again via the network. If you had setup the TM drive via USB/FW and then try to use it on the Airport it wont work...
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    I think I may have a similar issue
    This may or may not be the same as above and relates to a Santa Rosa MBP running 10.5.2.

    I downloaded the AP software update 7.3.1 for our APEB and through a configuration recommended by "goobimama" from this forum, was able to see the Seagate external drive on the right side of the desktop. I backed up via Time Machine which seemed to take forever. I cannot seem to find what Goobimama suggested. And, I don't know if that would be a fix or if something else needs to be done.

    Then, I lost the icon on the desktop. I no longer see the backup drive in the Finder.

    We have an iMac in an adjacent room that is rigged with an external drive wired directly to the computer. It was this way when I originally saw the icon on the MBP.

    My AP Utility sees the HD when the HD is plugged into the APEB, but the icon doesn't show up on the desktop????

    Can anyone suggest a fix for this troubling issue?


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