Good day everyone,

I'm brand new to the world of Mac's and I'm having a problem I hope someone can resolve for me. I've been a pc person since the days of having to start the machines with a floppy disk and I'm stumped with the problem I'm having right now.

Here's the deal, I live out in the sticks, well actually among the Tarantulas and tumbleweeds and a hard wired internet connection is out of the question so I've been using a Verizon wireless card in my PC laptop for a long time without any problems.

My girlfriend shows up with her G3 a while back so I grab a spare PC laptop from the office and setup the internet sharing wizard so she can surf the web. We have some success with this arrangement but something with the G3 kept crapping up the internet pc and causing the Verizon access program on the internet pc to stop responding or her laptop would just decide that it didn't know how to talk to the internet anymore until I rebooted the internet PC. If I just slaved my other pc to the internet pc it would work fine for as long as I needed, so we just dealt with it until I could get a chance to figuring out what was wrong.

Flash forward a couple of weeks:

Uncle Sam was real nice with my tax return this year so a brand new Mac Pro is now sitting underneath the desk but it has the same problem as the G3 laptop did. It will work on the internet for a few minutes and then quit talking to the internet. Sometime if I wait a while it'll start talking again, other times I have to reboot the internet pc in order for it to start working again, so I grabbed one of the brand new Kyocera KR2 CDMA wireless router/access point routers from the office thinking it was just a "Windows" problem with the network. Guess what? The Macs still have the same problem with the new wireless router in that they'll send data, sometimes only for a few seconds, sometimes 10 minutes or so, but eventually the network connection will stop and the router will have to be rebooted just like the internet pc.

If I only hook up the windows laptops to the Kyocera router, all is well for as long as I need it to work. When I connect my Macs to the router, they will always loose network connectivity with the internet. Sometimes after a couple of minutes, sometimes a little longer, but they will always quit working.

I don't know enough about the Macs to dive deep into it's guts and troubleshoot the problem and I hope one of you guru's out there can give me a hand.