Hi Folks,

I'm new here, but had a concerning question, for I am trying to create a WDS network in my home. I am currently on ADSL, and the router that came with the service is an ActionTec GT704-WG. Basically, it's a box with 4 ethernet, 802.11b/g wireless and of course, the ADSL modem as well.

I bought an Airport Express earlier, and it's in client mode right now just connecting to the network. My main goal is to buy an Airport Extreme so I can create a Main and Relay station for a WDS network. However, I'm wondering how I can connect it to the ActionTec router and make it command the wireless signal in the house. So I guess my question is......

How can I connect an Airport Extreme to my current ADSL Router, and use the Extreme's wireless? (so I can make a WDS network with my Express).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.