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    Can someone please help me understand Time Capsule
    Ok So I was just wondering is Time Capsule basically a Airport Extreme/External Hardrive. Is it just used for backing up files on your computer or can you use it as a external as well to access any file on your Time Capsule Wirelessly? What is the speed on it? 5400? 7200? Anyone know?

    Anything will help. Thanks!

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    Yes, it's essentially an Airport Extreme with a built in hard drive. You can use it as a network drive similar to how you would with a hard drive connected to the USB port on an Airport Extreme. You can also use it for network Time Machine backups.

    With the sizes available, I think it's safe to assume that Time Capsules use 7200RPM drives.

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    Of course, if you already have an external drive, you can now use it as a wireless Time Machine drive thanks to the new Airport Extreme update (released Tuesday).

    PS I know it sounds crazy, but Apple has my house bugged. Whenever I finally cave and buy an Apple product, they update it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo View Post

    PS I know it sounds crazy, but Apple has my house bugged. Whenever I finally cave and buy an Apple product, they update it.
    Same here. I just bought the time capsule because I was unable to backup wirelessly. But it is not working well anyway. I haven't backed up in ten days because it won't connect or stay connected. I might have done better getting the Extreme (I have the Express, which isn't doing anything right now).

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    I plan on purchasing the 1 TB TC for my MBP. I do not plan on using it for time machine, but as a shared network hard drive. Can anyone speak to its speed in regards to viewing media and or cross platform compatibility? Basically, I would like to use it to house all of my libraries of music, videos, and pictures. Any objections as to why this would be problamatic?

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