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    Im pretty smart but I need some help....
    .... And there is no better place to come but here.

    Here is the deal.

    I have my MacBookPro, my wifes MacBookAir, My kids HP PC (So want to upgrade them to mac but have to save up some more cash) and my brand new shiny AppleTV. I want them all to work with each other.

    First question: Can the apple tv work with more than one itunes or is it like an ipod and will only work with one itunes library. Right now I have it sinked with the kids HP PC because that is where I have 90% of my media, I would also like it to work with my Pro because I have some stuff there but not much. Am I stuck? If it only works with one computer at I time how do I change that if I want to.

    Second question: How do I get these things to talk to each other. Like I said before, Im pretty smart with all this computer stuff but this is driving me nuts. Right now I have a shared folder on the HP PC and I can see it on my MBP, I can take files from that folder when browsing it in the finder on my MBP and transfer it to my MBP desktop but not vise versa. What exactly do I need to do to be able to see files from my MBP on the HP and be able to copy them to the HP. I also want to be able to do this with my wife's Air. I basically want all 3 of these machines to be able to swap and trade files with each other without driving me nuts.

    I got the share a drive sut up between my MBP and the Air, that was really easy. I think I also have the share a printer working but this network stuff above is killing me. Help, Please.

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    can help with the apple TV as i have never used one.

    Have you created a shared folder on your mbp? if so are the permissions set for it to be viewed as shared folder?

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