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Thread: MBP Airport Issue

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    MBP Airport Issue
    Good Morning One & All,

    I have a very strange problem with my wireless network at present.

    Whenever I use my MBP it seems to 'block' internet access for any other computer that uses the same router & will not connect itself either. At the moment I am using an iMac connected to a DLink (new, previous one was a netgear) router which in turn is connected to my Virgin/Telewest cable modem. Also connected to the DLink router is a wired Devolo plug supplying my Cube (which I use as a print server).

    Everything was working perfectly until last Sunday when no computer had any internet access. Trying to locate the problem I plugged the MBP via ethernet directly into the cable modem which worked as normal. I then did a factory reset on the Netgear router & tried again. All the lights on the router suggested that it was working ok but still there was no internet connection available. I tried via ethernet cable directly from the Netgear into the MBP with no success.

    I then spoke to Virgin regarding my connection & they confirmed that because I had connection when plugged directly into the modem everything from them was working fine & the chances are I had a problem with my Netgear router. So one trip later & 80 worse off I bought a DLink router to replace the Netgear.....still no solution. I contacted Virgin again & they sent me a new cable modem.

    Having had time to do some checks since I have stable internet connection on the other two computers (Wireless Imac & Devolo connected Cube) until I turn Airport back on the MBP & I lose connection with both the other computers. Turn it off again & a few minutes later the other two computers are working as if nothing happened.

    I know this is a long winded explanation but it is a very strange problem.

    Hope you can help



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    To anyone that is reading this it appears that the problem lay in the airport setting: IPV6: Automatically. I turned it off (after reading someones plight on MacFixIt) & everything is (seems) back to normal.

    The worrying thing is although my problem was extreme with other computers on the network being locked out nothing was changed, one minute it worked the next it didn't. Reading on other forums it appears to be a problem with laptops (but I could be mistaken). A lot of people on the Macfixit forum are complaining of network just dropping out even when they are next to the router.

    I hope this is the fix (although I dont know why it suddenly went to sh*t!) & I hope my hair pulling & trawling the forums can help someone else out.

    Much Respect


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